I'm Chris Getner...

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If I had to describe the one theme that seems to run through most of my projects it's that humans don't process digital or tabular information well. We have analog brains and we see and interpret patterns and shapes and curves much more efficiently than words or numbers. It's not that words and numbers are not vital, because they are (you're reading this aren't you?), but there are better ways to present information that allow people to process it and act on it much more efficiently.

I am a serial entrepreneur more by accident than plan, and that is something I have only recently come to grips with. It's trendy now to be an entrepreneur, but I also assure people that it's not easy so it's vital to focus on things you truly have a passion for and believe in.

I hope you explore some of the projects I currently have underway, and I always welcome the personal connection that will lead to the next project.